The iSushi Rewards program is an electronic program. There are no paper certificates. Earn one point per dollar spent. Points are only earned when dining in the restaurant or when ordering through our online app portal. After earning 100 points, you will receive a $10 e-certificate in your iSushi Rewards account which you can apply to your bill when dining in. Maximum redeemable iSushi rewards per visit is $40 per table/group, redeemed in quantities of $10 (ex. $10, $20, $30 or $40); checks may not be split to circumvent this. When points are redeemed, an 18% service charge may be added to your bill prior to point redemption. It is diner's responsibility to notify and provide the iPad Host with his/her iSushi Rewards card and notify the iPad Host that he/she has a pending reward prior to paying the bill (once bill is paid, reward points and/or rewards discounts/offers cannot be applied). but Points may only be earned or redeemed when dining in the restaurant or placing an order via the app. Any orders that are placed by phone or via our hosts that are not Dine In are not eligible to earn or redeem points. Only 1 rewards account may be applied per check and/or table per visit. Only 1 reward may be applied per check/visit (multiple rewards may not be combined). Points expire after 12 months.

iSushi Frequent Dining Program (iFDP)

The program runs from January 1 - December 31 every year, requires yearly re-qualification and has the following tiers:

Bronze: 0 - 999 points (earn 1 point per dollar spent)

Silver: 1000-1999 points (earn 1.1 points per dollar spent (10% bonus points)

Gold: 2000-2999 points (earn 1.2 points per dollar spent (20% bonus points)

Platinum (>3000 points (earn 1.3 points per dollar spent (30% bonus points)

On January 1st of each year, your iFDP points will be reset to zero. You can re-qualify for the following year by meeting the tiers listed above. Non iFDP points will remain in your account.

When dining at the restaurant, It is diner's responsibility to provide phone number and full name to the iSushi host before making payment so as to apply and/or redeem available points. We regret to inform that if you pay first without notifying the host, points cannot be earned or redeemed for this transaction.

Points have no dollar value. Points are non-transferable. Points cannot be used towards gratuity. This program can be modified or terminated at any time without notice. Offers may not be combined. Any reservation made not using the reservation link on our web site or mobile app (including but not limited to Opentable "POP/1000" reservations, Opentable promoted result reservation) are not eligible to earn or redeem any special offers/promotions or iSushi Rewards Points.

In the event that there is no electricity or internet connection at the restaurant, iSushi rewards points cannot be earned or redeemed

 ("no rain checks" on iSushi rewards points).

Abuse and/or misuse of the rewards program will result in immediate account closure and forfeiture of all points.

Posting any reviews or online comments which iSushi deems as negative (such as, but not limited to 1, 2 or 3 star reviews) will result in termination, account closure and forfeiture of all points.

By signing up for the program you agree to all these terms and conditions.